In the dark of the Night

Passion and desires burn in the dark of the night. Under the spotlight of a big tent hit by the wind and warmed by the heat of a various and wonderful humanity working together because of its differences with unlikely traveling buddies until dawn, like in one’s dreams.

There is a little bit of everything like this in our lives under this big tent: the excess, the romance, the decadence, the sex and the heroes. Dreams indicate tiredness and excitement, madness and the shame...smiles and the desperation, fears, vices, doubts and weaknesses.

and memory

How did the idea of "Circo Nero" begin? From the love and from the charm that the Circus has on the children of the whole world... The one of the shabby big tents and with the stench of hay and horse manure, the one with unlikely sellers of candyfloss, that army of odd characters arrive during the Christmas period and in a decorated Florence....

...with the "discovery" of the wonderful movie "Freaks" by Tod Browning, 1932, hymn to the love and to the tolerance. The plot develops in a circus, when the circuses used to show the weird people, the "monsters", the freaks, indeed.

It is a "court of the miracles", just a homage in the memory of Federico Fellini...



Tolerance and joy

And what does the Circo Nero show?

The freaks of our times, those who are different or just feel different for one night, those who feel part of a family that maybe they don't even know exists, and that they can find it somewhere having party...

A strange army that makes tolerance and joy one of its favorite flags...a real "caravan" that comes and goes, and that has fun on the way.